Fad Diets, Prospective Brilliance and the just plain Bullshit

I get asked the question “What diet do you follow?” quite often when speaking about health and it’s importance.  My answer?  I don’t.  To me, each and every person’s body is so adaptive to circumstance, environment and personality – to label one way of thinking and eating as “correct” seems very closed minded and opposite of how I want to be, especially to be so closely involved in the realm of psychology.  The way that I eat (and what I eat) is constantly changing, making my family roll their eyes when a meal is cooked at home, and forcing my friend’s to pick a different restaurant because I know I won’t be able to find anything that works for me at T.G.I Friday’s.  As of late, I’ve been drawn closer and closer towards a closely resembled vegan diet while eliminating processed carbs (loafs of bread, bagels.. anything that looks different now than it would have when it grew).  The two most important things in my food intake are attempting to eat as much locally grown produce as possible and getting as close to organic as possible.  Eating local has such a positive impact on personal health (the closer to home, the more nurtients the food has because it wasn’t picked last year, frozen in a warehouse and then shipped halfway across the United States to get to a Harris Teeter near you and into your arms.. but this is a whole new blog entirely) as well as economical health (with the Recession still a very present danger, recycling money into our local economy does wonders for farmers and small businesses that everyone is so fond of keeping around).

So, how did this all come to mind at 9:30 in the morning?  From one of you, of course!  Robert sent me a text asking if I’d ever heard of the Paleolithic (Paleo) Diet, because a guest at the shop was explaining why she was drinking almond milk (which I’m VERY proud to have in the store – not many coffee shops can say the same!).  I immediately hopped onto the internet to do some research on the diet – this is the kind of stuff that feeds my soul, ya’ll!  The Paleo Diet is based on the assumption that cavemen of the Paleolithic Era were free of disease because their intake was based on animal fats, nuts, vegetables and fruits and excluded carbohydrates, dairy, sugar and oils (simply because these products weren’t around back then).  Now ask anyone who knows me, I’ll be the first person to see the faults in research, and my main issue with this thought is that these hunters and gatherers rarely lived past the age of 30.  Most diseases caused by poor nutrition and consumption take years to develop and don’t show signs in the body until much later in life.  I do, however, like the fact that this diet is based on what grows from the earth, minus the focus on meat.  This may have worked for the cavemen because the animals that they ate bred on their own, ate what grass and plants grew naturally out of the ground and weren’t pumped with hormones, steroids and synthetics.. again, a different blog rant entirely.  I think this idea is very grassroots, and I enjoy that a lot.  I would probably recommend it for someone trying to get back to the basics of natural food selection but still interested in consuming animal protein.  I would make the suggestion that grass-fed beef be utilized as much as possible and trying to find a local farm that can prove what kind of diet the animals consume to obtain the meats from.

So here’s your reading for the morning!  If you have any questions about what I wrote in this blog, special diets that you’ve heard of, or health in general, feel free to comment or send me an e-mail, as always — alexyonkovig@aol.com .  You know you’ll be hearing from me soon.  :]



3 thoughts on “Fad Diets, Prospective Brilliance and the just plain Bullshit

  1. Thank you Alex! I was wondering what that diet was all about. Once again you’ve manage to create a great forum for discussion. These topic are constantly being raised in the shop. Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. I’m looking forward to hearing about some good yoga info. You know I always need to stretch my back. Maybe you can make part of the segments with some yoga moves.

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