Summer Health: Introduction and Smoothie Ideas


As some of you may know, my job as the manager here at Dilworth Coffee is only a part time gig.  When I’m not making you the best cup of coffee in North Carolina, I’m constantly thinking of new ways to help keep myself and those around me healthy in both body and mind.  Through my interest in Yoga and going back to basics with healthy foods and an all natural lifestyle, it’s become an important part of my life to learn all that I can about living a healthy life.  I’m beginning a bi-weekly health blog that will be featured here on our Facebook page where I will share new findings and ways to help you keep active with nutritious foods and natural remedies.  Anything is up for discussion ( I love when people have information to share! ), and as always, these are only suggestions and merely my opinions.  Hope you all enjoy my new blog and I look forward to hearing any feedback and ideas that you all have as well!



If you’re like me, summertime has a way of sucking all of the energy out of you.  Add that in with these INSANE heat waves and you’ve got the potential to become easily exhausted and not make the most of your time and your days.  I need something really tasty that can keep me energized and cool while I’m working or on the go, so I will often whip up a fruit smoothie with added protein powder.  If I can’t use whole fruit, the natural sugar in the Real Fruit Smoothie mix that we have at the shop gives me the boost that I need through the production of carbohydrates.  Since I’m a 6 month strong vegetarian (woohoo!) it’s vital for my body that I get enough protein in my diet through sources other than meats.  Our Smoothie Ceuticals Whey Protein Concentrate & Isolate is a great addition to any of our fruit smoothies and gives a small hint of vanilla that goes great with any flavor.  These smoothies can’t get any better – they taste awesome, they’re a healthy alternative to a processed and packaged snack and they add 10 grams of protein to your daily intake.  My recommendation would be a Mango Wild Berry Real Fruit Smoothie – definitely one of the best combinations available.  Here’s a few links so you can check out the products yourselves!


Smoothie Ceuticals —

Real Fruit Smoothie Mix —


Let me know what you guys think about my suggestions!  I love feedback and can’t wait to hear what you all think about the smoothie.  Feel free to respond on this note or send me an e-mail if you have questions, ideas or information to share ( )  Remember, everything can be a good thing in moderation. :]


In good health,





One thought on “Summer Health: Introduction and Smoothie Ideas

  1. This is awesome! I really think you have a good thing going here. Teaching yourself and sharing what you’ve learned. Now thats what I call a purpose! Excellent job! Thank you for being in my world!

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